Electric Light Theatre (ELT)

What is ELT?
Electric Light Theatre is a really cool way to learn about stagecraft and at the same time get to meet others who have a similar interest.
Electric Light Theatre has been entertaining the public for 18 years.

Over that time over 450 young entertainers have been part of our show. We have performed in Mildura, Ouyen and Murrayville to about 1400 patrons each year. The Show currently runs to a budget of around $25,000.


Mary Jane Shoes Became Fashion

How Mary Jane Shoes Became A Fashion Staple

Few fashion staples have stood the test of time like Mary Jane shoes. Traditional Mary Janes are characterized by a low heel, a round toe and a single strap over the instep. This style was already popular for both boys and girls at the turn of the century, but it didn’t get the Mary Jane name until early in the 1900s. Until then, it was called a “bar shoe.”

In 1904, the Brown Shoe Company started to use the Buster Brown comic strip characters to advertise their shoes. Both Buster Brown and his beloved Mary Jane sported what would become known as Mary Jane shoes, but only her name endured.

By the 1920s, the girls that had been the target audience of those Brown Shoe Company ads were all grown up, but they still loved their Mary Jane shoes. As the style became increasingly popular among girls and ladies, it became less popular among boys and men. In the 1930s, Shirley Temple tapped her way into America’s hearts and fueled the growing craze for cute Mary Janes.

By the 1940s, Mary Jane shoes were almost entirely feminized (though occasionally still sported by very small boys). Sneakers had been gaining in popularity around the same time, and as a result they became the most popular casual shoe while Mary Janes were considered more formal. Primarily offered in brown, black and black patent leather, Mary Janes became the go-to choice for school uniforms.

As fashion has diversified, so too have Mary Jane shoes. They were sometimes worn ironically during the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s and even popped up on the runways on fashion icons like Twiggy. In the 1970s, platform versions of the Mary Jane were on the rise.

In the 1990s, Mary Jane shoes got another makeover via the grunge scene. Often paired with flannels and distressed denim, they were a feminized version of Converses. Before long, major brands were experimenting with the beloved Mary Jane style. Doc Marten has created chunky, militant Mary Jane shoes while high fashion designers like Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo have churned out flats, platforms and even stiletto styles.

Supermodel Heidi Klum famously quips, “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” This is true of many trends, but it has never been true of Mary Jane shoes which have remained a favorite among fashionable women for over one hundred years.

Unique Mens Shoes

Be Stylish with Unique Mens Shoes

As a man, in order to look fashionable, you need to don unique men’s shoes. Actually, shoes are the ones that determine if you look outstanding or not. There are a huge variety of men’s shoes available for sale. This means that you have unlimited choices to select from. Whenever you go through the numerous styles of footwear, you will notice that the latest designs will always fascinate you. The shoes are made by skilled individuals who have been in the industry for many years. Thus, they produce quality products that make you look stylish.
To develop new designs, producers keep on trying new looks, styles, and coatings. They work hard to come up with designs that can match different event whether formal or informal. Stylishness, casualness, and sportiness enhances the nature of the adventure and determines the type of shoes you select.
Many men feel like they lack a particular fashion sense. Most have been wishing to have personal mentors who would be helping them select what to wear for the different occasions. The truth of the matter is that you can always find the type of footwear to wear if you search on the internet for suggestions.
Fit, style, and durability are the most important factors to consider when purchasing men’s shoes. The other top criteria is comfort. You cannot wear fashionable mens shoes for long if you do not feel comfortable. Footwear that pinch, cramp, or bind your feet can result in a miserable feeling. If the situation continues that way, your feet can be damaged.
Quality men’s shoe makers know that comfortability is a crucial factor. That is why they provide a wide range of comfortable brands. When looking for shoes to buy, there are several factors that you must consider. They include:
Men’s shoes must be made from high-quality material for them to last long. Men are known to work in tough environments, meaning that they must have shoes that are made from a material with high strength. It is expensive to keep on replacing worn out shoes after a short period.
Always spend within your means. Do not go for those expensive men’s shoes just because your friend is wearing them. Go for the brand that you can afford so that you don’t find yourself in a financial mess. There are cheap brands that you can have if you don’t have an unlimited budget.
If your work involves wearing official clothes most of the times, go for official shoes. If you work in fields, casual men’s shoes are for you. Various occasions call for different types of footwear. Always make sure that the footwear and the clothes match.
This is one of an essential factor to consider when purchasing shoes. Go for the one that you feel comfortable wearing. It is not good to keep complaining the whole day how the shoes are hurting you. Go for the right size and the one that is made from quality material that makes you feel comfortable.
Human Daniel Mens Fashion Canvas Lace Up Casual Shoes

A Good Pair of Comfortable Shoes

Finding a Good Pair of Comfortable Shoes

Nothing can make you feel more tired or worn down than a pair of ill-fitting shoes. Since your feet carry you everywhere you need to go, investing in a pair of comfortable shoes will pay big dividends in terms of comfort, energy level, and productivity. The right pair of shoes really can make all the difference.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of comfortable shoes, there are a few criteria to ensuring a healthy new home away from home for your feet. First, shoes need to be in the correct size. If you’re like many adults, chances are you haven’t been measured for new shoes since you were a child. Although shoe size does tend to stabilize a bit in adulthood, changing sizes is still rather common due to weight fluctuations and pregnancy. Next time you’re looking for comfortable shoes, just ask a store associate to measure your size.

Once you know your size for both feet, the next most important factor to consider is support. There are different gait styles that are reflected in worn soles. For example, overpronators, or those whose ankles turn inward as they walk, typically have more wear on the inner side of the soles. Comfortable shoes for many overpronators include motion-control and stability shoes. Conversely, underpronators tend to benefit from shoes with more flexibility along the inner side of the sole, such as lightweight trainers, that give feet more freedom to roll inward. These are only a few of the more common gaits. Consult with a footwear professional. She or he can examine the soles of your current shoes and recommend comfortable shoes for you based on your personal wear patterns, preferences, and needs.

While recommendations and assistance from shoe sales associates can be very helpful, the final test is how the shoes feel on your feet. Since you’re the one who needs comfortable shoes, you need to ensure the shoes are comfortable before leaving the store. Try on the shoes using your typical hosiery or socks. Stand tall with all your weight on both feet. If you are able, lift each foot one at a time. As you balance on a single foot, take note of how supported the foot does or does not feel. If your foot doesn’t feel sufficiently supported, speak up now. Uncomfortable shoes can never become comfortable shoes. Once you have a supportive pair of shoes, walk, jump, run, or move in all the ways you move throughout your day. Don’t forget to move side-to-side or backwards. As you’re moving around, take note of any areas where the shoes uncomfortably rub or feel tight. Sometimes, it is possible to adjust or install cushioning over such problem areas. Again, ask your local footwear professional for assistance.

Your life is much too short to be suffering because of a poorly fitting or unsupportive pair of shoes. A pair of carefully chosen comfortable shoes may just be the thing to bring life back to your every step.

comfortable shoes

Points to Ponder with Ladies Shoes

Points to Ponder with Ladies Shoes

What immediately comes to mind when you say, ladies shoes? Hmm, most women would respond, “Well something that keeps my feet comfortable, but is also stylish, long-lasting and doesn’t fall apart at the seams with a couple of uses.” Others would say, “We like whatever celebrities and fashionistas are wearing.” Money is no object, and who cares about comfort as long as we have our stilettos.”

Seriously, determining what constitutes the best in ladies shoes falls on a scale between true comfort and style, which can be interpreted through what represents a good shoe, such as:

Shoe Flexibility

A pair of ladies shoes that fit properly should be malleable and bendable and should adjust to the wearer. When shoes are not flexible, rubbing and wearing will occur in different areas of the foot as well as wear on the shoes themselves. Blisters, bunions, corns and fallen arches and other foot problems can all be the result of inflexible womens shoes

Shoe Materials

Obviously leather is the luxury material that goes into well-made shoes, but with so many different types of footwear available today like boots, sandals, slippers, overshoes, sneakers, athletic shoes, orthopedic shoes, etc., a variety of materials are used in their making. Not only leather, but reconstituted leather, leather fabrics, plastic, rubber, and other synthetic materials can be part of what comprises ladies shoes. Many of these materials may not be the best for breathability, comfort and longevity, but their use does cut down on the overall cost of ladies shoes. A buyer can usually recognize the materials used with a simple sniff. Natural leather will not smell; whereas anything synthetic usually has an odd odor about it.

womens ladies shoes

Measuring and Sizing Shoes

A woman’s foot size will change throughout her lifetime and that is all the more reason to at least measure feet once a year. Ladies shoes can vary in size from a half size to even a full size or more these days as so many shoes, name brand and otherwise, are made outside of the U.S. and may not conform to traditional footwear sizes. An ill-fitting shoe really can cause problems with the feet, and an accurate measurement and a proper foot fitting can alleviate those kinds of issues. Also, when trying on shoes, a person should do so later in the day as that is the time that feet generally swell to their maximum size.

Shoe Shopping

Shopping for shoes can be a confusing process. With so many ladies shoes available through local retail shoe stores, boutiques, department stores, discount stores, online stores, and specific designer outlets, there is no end to the selection. The one difficulty with on line shoe stores is the actual trying on of shoes, so without knowing how sizing works with various brands, there are going to be returns and difficulties finding the right size. When a shopper is unable to try on shoes, problems arise, so it is best to read reviews of shoes that appear on line before making a purchase. With so much missizing going on with ladies shoes, it is usually better to purchase shoes through a local store.

Shoe Styles

Whether you want to make your legs look longer with skyscraper high heels, shorter chunky heels, cage-style top heels, or wedges in neon colors, there are a hundreds of styles to meet almost any taste. Faux leather booties in the latest nude colors and flats, thong, and gladiator sandals are part of the current rage in styles as well. More standard athletic and sporty looking sneakers in bright colors are in vogue and they are more popular than ever when paired with short shorts, a mini or midi. Slip on retro sneakers and espadrilles are also back on the shoe racks for more casual wear.

Ladies shoes will always be first and foremost in the minds of fashion-minded women and with just a little bit of shopping savvy, the right shoes in the right styles and sizes, with comfort in mind, can be found in stores and online. Shoe shopping for some can be a full time activity, so let the shoe games begin.